Sunday, March 28, 2010

visions: cheap champagne loves witalny

it's getting to be witalny time!

[v]vital[ny] prezentuje:

poles on poles
instalacja artystyczna z poezją

nowe i nieopublikowane wiersze z polskimi motywami
Roberta Hassa
Edwarda Hirscha
Yusefa Komunyakaa
C.K. Williamsa

już niedługo na Manhattan Ave [Greenpoint]

18 Kwietnia 2010

sound and vision: a new purity

The last time I saw such rope-like athleticism captured on film was at Tim Hamilton's SS10 fashion presentation in Tribeca where he screened his spring looks via a film made by photographer Collier Schorr. For their music video "Attack Music," UK band These New Puritans reveal a similar celebration of strength on film. For me, creativity and athleticism have always been mutually foreign, but these days it seems that the beauty of strength and endurance is taking on its own role in artistic work.

These New Puritans: Attack Music

Tim Hamilton and Collier Schorr: Rope

Cheap Champagne congratulates our friend Juan Olivares on his first music video appearance in These New Puritans, "Attack Music."

Saturday, March 27, 2010

visions: congratulations dena and isla!

friends of cheap champagne make things at big institutions. congratulations to all! xxcc


Hello, it is I, your neighborhood spaceman.

I write to humbly and without
expectation, invite you to attend a casual viewing in wake of the recently deceased.
Should you wish to pay your respects, please
join us.
A little food will be
conjured and spirits invoked.

Columbia Visual Arts Undergraduate Thesis Exhibition

Opening Reception:
Thursday April 8, 2010
7-9 pm

Leroy Neiman Center Gallery, Columbia University
310 Dodge Hall New York, New York 212 854 7641

showing work by:

Amanda Benevides
Isla Hansen
Maxine Keyes
Mia Tramz

Your presence on this evening would be joyfully and lovingly received. If you wish to wear
funeral attire to express the titillation of your grief, it would not be inappropriate--however, veils may be provided. Work will remain up in the gallery for 6 days following the opening. So if you can't make it (though you will be missing certain once-in-a-lifetime theatrical perks), consider checking it out anyway! Neiman, I believe, is open weekdays 10-5. (Or something).

There are also other great shows April 1st (Buck Ellison / Ray Garneau / Philip Modersohn / Dena Yago), April 15th (Don Leistman / Gabby Ripoll / James Romberger / Veronica Vargas / Amy Wong), and April 22nd (Melinda Harvey / Daryl King / Yvan Rosa / Batya Weinstock). The final show in which everyone will be showing SOMETHING (mysterious) is



visions: work for love

late notice but probably worth the rush if you see this in time!


P.S.1’s Saturday Sessions presents: WORK FOR LOVE II by Desi Santiago and by music from Saint Buck

Saturday March 27, 2010, 4pm-6pm

Performance begins at 4:00pm in the 3rd Floor Main Gallery

This weekend, performance artist Desi Santiago is taking over Saturday Sessions. Get ready for a dance party! Santiago will be presenting “WORK FOR LOVE II”, a piece that channels the crossover NYC nightlife culture into fashion and art worlds. Afterwards, Saint Buck will get you moving. Join us!

Desi Santiago is a NYC based Puerto Rican artist. His practice spans from 1990 to the present with a strong foundation begun in NYC nightlife culture and crossing over into fashion and art worlds. Santiago's work draws from, addresses, and utilizes the respective vocabularies and iconography of these worlds to create ceremonial experiences and relational performances which deal with identity, exchange, and the duality of mourning/celebration. His practice is that of "the host", wherein the body is the channel and receptor for circumstance, experience, and identities to pass through resulting in a visual vocabulary of object, installation, and performance.

Saint Buck is a DJ duo featuring Desi Santiago & and artist Jared Buckheister, known around the club circuit for their ability to keep the crowd moving to disco

Saturday, March 20, 2010

journey: botanica

desert climate atrium

jordan robin; climbing tree, purple hill

aleksandra mccormack; japanese pond and garden

koi; japanese pond and garden

japanese pond and garden

brooklyn botanical gardens, 2010
photos by cheap champagne

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

meditation: witalny



[v]vital[ny] looks to the ephemeral to challenge positions of privilege and encourage interactions between groups that occupy the same space


witalny is currently addressing the north williamsburg - greenpoint area.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

visions: making out

Perhaps the most captivating thing at the Tino Sehgal show were the two people I saw dramatically making out at the bottom of the void. It is unclear how they fit into the Tino Sehgal performance - a three part conversation about progress. Or if they were part of The Guggenheim museum programs at all. I'd like to think they weren't.


visions: at the armory

My suspicion is confirmed, that going to the armory show on a saturday is a mistake. I was once told by an art teacher that going through museums should be a quick process. That the best way to see art in a context of such overwhelming breadth was to walk very quickly past and stop only when you're natural attraction tells you its time to stop. And so was my technique in yesterday's crowd. I did find these in the mix.


Monday, March 1, 2010

visions: seeing double

Art Since the Summer of ’69 is proud to present TWICE UPON A TIME, Benjamin Valenza’s first solo show in New York City. A large L- shaped yellow metal plate, deeply corroded by acid at four points, performs as an abstract panther in the show, or simply as an abstract painting. The work is the result of Valenza’s experiments with materials and carelessness, or rather of his love of ‘heavy duty’ materials.

For more information and image requests, please contact the gallery by email or by phone 347.208.5437.

March 6 – April 17, 2010

Opening reception on Saturday March 6, 6 p.m. – 9 p.m.

Art Since the Summer of ‘69

195 Chrystie Street, Suite 303, 3rd floor

10002 New York, NY

meditation: the body in bits and pieces

According to Sigmund Freud, our memories of others are incomplete. When we try to remember we can only glean the resonant details, a particular smell, a way of gesturing, a dermal texture, parts of the whole. What is left is the body in bits and pieces.

The negative, the scanner, the x-ray. These become visionary technologies that can jog memory, and at times exaggerate the parted nature of the whole.

collage 14x17"
found x-ray, magazine clippings, masking tape, light box
Jordan Robin, 2010

visions: nick relph