Saturday, March 27, 2010

visions: work for love

late notice but probably worth the rush if you see this in time!


P.S.1’s Saturday Sessions presents: WORK FOR LOVE II by Desi Santiago and by music from Saint Buck

Saturday March 27, 2010, 4pm-6pm

Performance begins at 4:00pm in the 3rd Floor Main Gallery

This weekend, performance artist Desi Santiago is taking over Saturday Sessions. Get ready for a dance party! Santiago will be presenting “WORK FOR LOVE II”, a piece that channels the crossover NYC nightlife culture into fashion and art worlds. Afterwards, Saint Buck will get you moving. Join us!

Desi Santiago is a NYC based Puerto Rican artist. His practice spans from 1990 to the present with a strong foundation begun in NYC nightlife culture and crossing over into fashion and art worlds. Santiago's work draws from, addresses, and utilizes the respective vocabularies and iconography of these worlds to create ceremonial experiences and relational performances which deal with identity, exchange, and the duality of mourning/celebration. His practice is that of "the host", wherein the body is the channel and receptor for circumstance, experience, and identities to pass through resulting in a visual vocabulary of object, installation, and performance.

Saint Buck is a DJ duo featuring Desi Santiago & and artist Jared Buckheister, known around the club circuit for their ability to keep the crowd moving to disco

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