Friday, May 28, 2010

visions: veronica torres

While New York City is, without a doubt, a mecca for photographers of all shapes, sizes and visions, so much of the contemporary photography coming from the urban environment, departs from the cityscape completely. Veronica Torres is a photographer living and working in New York, though her pictures appear disinterested in the energy of the urban. In fact, her work seems to be made through a lens more painterly than it is filmic. Through it, she captures a spirit of intimacy and longing between her subjects and their environments. Her work is currently on view in the exhibition viscera at Spice Factory Gallery in the Navy Yard section of Brooklyn.

To get a clearer glimpse into the eye of the artist, we asked Veronica to respond in any way she felt appropriate to the following prompts.

CC: What gets you going about... leg tattos?
VT: I was tripping on mushrooms on my 24th birthday and was given a stick and poke tattoo of a flower on my knee. Surprisingly, it felt great.

CC: Longing?
VT: Time. Nostalgia

CC: Antifashion?
VT: Every way we communicate with other people is just a way to bounce ideas and to find our clan.

CC: Heart and lungs?
VT: Two things I don't take care of, but should.

CC: Aboveground subway trains?
VT: I try to reserve the aboveground portions of my commute for meditation and scribbling in notebooks. The best is going over the bridge and getting caught in all these various refractions of light.

CC: Rain?
VT: Sometimes it can be the icing on a shitty day, but also can be refreshing and grounding.

CC: Glass?
VT: I worry a lot about accidents and sometimes fret over past situations I've been in that could have turned out disastrous had one factor been different. Glass is kind of just one of those potentially hazardous materials that causes me anxiety.

CC: iPad? [that thing really creeps us out]
VT: I like collecting physical objects and can't really understand it when data becomes this ethereal thing that I always seem to delete/lose. I prefer hand written lists to typed notes, negatives to digital data, and turning pages rather than scrolling down. If I were in the book/movie Fahrenheit 451 I'd be one of those people living in the woods reciting books all day.

CC: Floral wallpaper?
VT: So decadent, beautiful and timeless.

CC: The color trick?
VT: Is this a left brain / right brain thing?

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  1. beautiful portraits. gritty, real, dark, lovely.