Thursday, August 5, 2010

dreamscape: in need of two hundred dollar loan


Shamefully, here in Deer Valley I have yet to disconnect entirely, and still spend a bit of each day in this relative paradise perusing other virtual worlds. I was unaware of Assouline Publishing until today while doing some research on Jean-Paul Goude. Assouline (like Taschen books) carries an assortment of lifestyle and culture titles, most of which remind me of my mother's coffee table in Los Angeles - home to titles such as Warhol, 60s Advertisements and Architecture Now! While I realize that these books may have been my earliest exposure to arts publishing, and admit to many junior high school afternoons spent in Taschen's Los Angeles flagship, these days I tend to choose artist books of more intimate or pointed subject matter over broad-scope titles. However, I did find one outstanding object to pine over today from Assouline.


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