Saturday, August 21, 2010

meditation: surveying the land

i leave deer valley tomorrow. though there have been moments of interruption, the past three weeks have been the closest i have come to solitude. i have spent today taking inventory of my belongings - those i've brought with me, those i've collected and those i've created. here are some of the things i've encountered.

"Sky Opening"
digital photograph

digital collage

"Pearl Salt Moon"
beveled mirror, opal varnish, found salt crystals, found stones

packing up the loft
deer valley, ut
08 21 2010


  1. Hey Jordan,

    Lovely composition as usual. Ken is my nom de plume to protect me in the public sphere, but you know me as Daniel Burgess. I am "following" you. Wouldn't you love to "follow" me at I expected so...Plus I'm told it's good for marketing ourselves in the new world
    Let's hang out soon,


  2. Hey "Ken,"

    Sorry for the delayed response, but I rarely look at the comments. I don't actually know that much about this whole blog thing, but I'll figure out how to "follow" you.

    Glad you like XXCC!